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In 2008

North American B-25 J Pat’s Victorie above Brussels by Claude Lesoil.

The Bamf commissioned Claude Lesoil to produce a painting of the B-25 NO-V above Brussels. Claude already produced some nice renditions of aircraft. You can discover his works on

NO-V “Pat’s Victorie” is currently selected as the color scheme for our B-25 as this aircraft was flown by some Belgians aircrews. Eric Dessouroux also discovered a picture of this aircraft in Melsbroek in August 1945 on the way back to the UK. The aircraft was also flow by Dutch and Commonwealth crews and her name half in English half in Dutch is, for us, also a reminder to the multinational nature of 139 Wing. Thanks to Paul Van Caesbroeck for the picture.








The Voisin de Caters

The Bamf also commissioned Claude to produce a painting of the Voisin of Pierre de Caters to celebrate the 100th Birthday of the first flight by a Belgian. The Bamf is also deeply involved the building of the replica of the Voisin de Caters replica at the Royal Army Museum. Claude is still working on this painting but you can already discover a first glimpse of his work.







Both paintings will be available as posters.

In 2007, we supported the following actions

  • Transport of the B-25 to New ICC for anti corrosion process. (see B-25 Pictures gallery )
  • Delivery of PC's and display material for the Historical team and the AELR.
  • Installation of a kiosk PC (Films about Belgians flying the RAF during WWII and the B-25).

  • Display of the Victor Boin collection at the Museum. (Victor Boin collection)
  • Provide financial support for gifts to the Sabena Oldtimer's (Lodestar project).
  • Support for advertising campaign for the Sabena oldtimers (Lodestar project).
  • Support to Museum special evenings (Pictures gallery)
  • Support in communication for the arrival of the Avro Anson at the Museum (Pictures gallery)
  • Publication of our Newsletters to inform the public and our donators.

Currently we are also housing some services on our websites

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