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Our projects

The list of the projects who will benefit from our priority interventions was defined and ratified by the board of directors during the board meeting of June, 21th 2003.

The list is based on the following criteria’s :

  • National historic value – cultural heritage
  • Emergency of the intervention to protect or preserve
  • Rarity of the artefact (year, model)
  • Innovative technology

Selected aircraft :

1. AVIATIK CI (1916)

Master piece of the World War 1 collection. Last existing exemplar in the world. (Mercedes-Daimler engine, rare itself). Estimated total cost of restoration 70.000 €.

More details about the aircraft

2. BLERIOT XI "Olieslagers" (1913)

Personnel aircraft of Jan Olieslagers, Belgian aviation pioneer and one of the first to perform aerial aerobatic. This airplane was used for the last aerial meeting in Stockel in June 1914 (Woluwé Saint Pierre). Estimated total cost of restoration 45.000€

More details about the aircraft

3. VOISIN de Caters (1909)

Replica of the aircraft used for the first flight by a Belgian in Belgium in Saint Job-in-t-Goor on Decembre, 2nd 1909. The pilot was baron Pierre de Caters who was the en 1909 à Saint Job-in-t-Goor. The Belgian Aero Club attributed the pilot licence Nr 1 to Pierre de Caters. Estimated total cost of restoration 40.000 €. More details about the aircraft

4. FIESELER "STORCH" Fi-156 (1941)

One of the rare original German aircraft of the WWII housed at the Museum. The restoration of the fuselage was already mostly completed. We intervened for the restoration of the wood wings. Estimated costs 10.000 €. More details about the aircraft

The target is to have the aircraft restored for static display and the long term protection against corrosion and degradation caused by an aggressive environment

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