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A new chapter about pictures where we need help for identification.

The questions are typically : Who ? What ? When ? Where ?

12/2010 : A glider from the collection of Pierre Cryns

This picture is from the collection of Pierre Cryns. The questions are :

What is this glider ?
Is it from Belgian origin ?

Many thanks in advance

12/2010 : Pictures received from Daniel Leleu about the Chičvres air base.

The pictures are supposed to have been taken during airshows at the airfield.

Any information about the date, the units are welcome.

Received from Laurent Heyligen
Picture of Republic F84E FS7
I doubt if this one is taken at Chičvres, On Feb 8, 1952 however this aircraft skidded from the runway at Florennes, I strongly believe this picture is from this incident.
Circumstances : After a routine training flight the pilot was surprised by a snowstorm over the base.  He managed to land the Thunderjet, but lost
control during braking on the slippery runway and the aircraft left the runway. The aircraft was coded 3R-O at the time.

Picture of Republic F84E FS-614-B.
This aircraft later became Belgian Air Force FS-19, delivery took place in 1951.

I hope this is of help to you.

Best regards,

Laurent Heyligen


11/2010 : Pictures received from Pierre Taquet.




The pictures are from the Sonaca archives. The “What” is known.




The first pictures are about the LOWE WILDE DRONE (C/N 305) OO-BAE registered 24.04.1934 OO-BAE to SECTION GANTOISE DE VOL SANS MOTEUR, registration cancelled on 18/06/1948, supposed to have been destroyed during the war.

(Source André Dillien). The comment from Pierre is “Which seem to contradict the fate generally assumed for this machine. Maybe these pictures (location unknown) will trigger some fresh comments. Confirming the airfield involved, Gent - see G.. painting on the roof - would be a first step.


The last picture is the ARADO 79 D-ENLW.


The questions are : Can anyone identify the location, the date and possibly more information about “in which occasion are the pictures taken” ?


If you can help please contact us at

We will transmit



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