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The Volunteers

To be able to conserve and restore the collections, we had to develop a volonteer organisation.

We are working every saturday from 9am to 4:30pm.

Profil : to have free time, to be motivated, a lot of patience and may be a bit of knowledges about mechanics and planes but it is not so necessary if you want to learn. Most of us are not aviation professionals. There are also a lot of activities in the communication, photo, documentation, engineering, finance or administration where you can help us.

Important : to run faster the restorations and rebuilt some parts we need to work with specialised and professional workshops, means it costs a lot of money. Then we are looking for volonteers who could be involved to find money through sponsors and partners.

Recruitment : The fastest way is to visit us on the Saturday. The activities of the Volunteers are covered by insurance. Before to start restoration activities, you need to be registered. If you become a regular volunteer, you will receive an official Museum badge from the security dept of the Museum. Some of the tools we use are in limited access for security reasons. The yearly fee is  20 euros a year for insurance thus subscription of the revue "Brussels Air Museum Magazine".

Questions : the new volonteers are asking us if the restored planes can fly again or engines are running. The answer is actually NO for a question of resources and preservation.

A complete restoration is very expensive as much as money than time. To keep these planes in flight conditions it costs much more because it is necessary to reinforce structures and engines by building new pieces and redesign new parts on machines wich were very dangerous because very fragile and also difficult to pilot. Then flying could destroy years of work and lives too ! The best solution is to build a copy with new materials and mechanic.

And we also do not have runway for take-off and landing in the park of the museum !

But if we have the possibility and because we are a little "crazy", we would do it !



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