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Past years

Here following you will find the reports of our activities in the past


As all non profit organizations in Belgium (ASBL/VZW) May and June was a busy period to check the financial results of the previous year and submit theses documents to the legal authorities. As these documents are legal and public, we feel our actions will be more transparent if we publish the figures. Sorry but only a French speaking version is available here (Bamf operating accounts 2009).


2009 was another difficult year due to the impact of the economical crisis. The result of the funds collection campaign were not bad. However we needed to adapt to change our way to communicate and operate to cope with the current and future situation.


BAMF (Brussels Air Museum Foundation) is over and long life to the Brussels Air Museum Fund. Our name is now different. This is a change needed to comply with the legislation. This long and complicated task to adapt ourself takes a lot of time and energy but was mandatory to perpetuate our actions. 


Our goals remain unchanged and we consider the future with enthusiasm.


What did the Bamf in 2009 ?


In May, with the support of the Museum, we were involved in the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the tramway in Stockel (Woluwé St Pierre). During this week end more than 1000 visitors visited the Bleriot Olieslagers display. A charming lady presented us memorabilia of her father, an Armée de l’Air pilot. These souvenirs have been trusted to the Museum.


Conversion of the first film of the Delbaere collection has been initiated into digital format. Other conversions are on the way.


Even if the restoration of the Chipmunk will not be initiated before several years, we had the opportunity to acquire several missing items.


We have also provided help to the Sabena oldtimers who are in the process of restoring two Westland Lysander including one for the Museum.


The Museum changes (Boeing B-29 RC model, glider, restoration of the façade). We provide our help within our limits to all projects improving the presentation of the exhibits.


Our website enables us to contact and inform many visitors. Since we changed our provider in April, the traffic has consistently improved and our links section contains  references and information about aircraft restorations.


And the B-25 ?


Let’s face it, this year has been quite hard but the momentum has improved and our baby will soon be hosted in a hangar of the Recreatief Vliegveld Grimbergen. We are proud to be accepted on this airfield with a glamorous past. The pace of the restoration on the Mitchell has not been high but Jean-Marc has spent long evenings to prepare the list of the missing equipments. Another member of the team is now active in the USA to find these parts for the completion of the fuselage.



Then what for 2010 ?


Next years will also be difficult and we don’t expect miracles and therefore we need to have ambitious goals.


To preserve the continuity of the restorations and to purchase items for the B-25, we hope to collect 10.000 Euro in 2010. This sum will be spit in two, 5.000 Euro for the B-25, 5000 Euro for other restoration projects at the Museum.


Gifts in materials, tools, documents are still of course always welcome.


A new legal enforcement obliges us to strictly allocate funds to a precise target, so please inform us of the purpose of your gift.


Since twenty eight years, many rehabilitation works have been kept possible thanks to your generosity and in 2010, we will contribute together to the enrichment of our common heritage.


Do not hesitate to pay us a visit on the web or to the restoration workshop where you will see by yourself that not a cent is wasted.



2008 is a great year, 2009 will be the great challenge.

As we look back to 2008, it is a very successful year.

The Voisin de Caters is now completed and displayed at the Royal Army Museum thanks to the tenacity of the Museum management. The aircraft is now the centerpiece of a display dedicated to aerostation and to Pierre de Caters, the first belgian pilot.

The organization of the exhibition was in the expert hands of the Museum staff and although the Bamf was not the project leader, our members provided a valuable assistance to this project :

  • Our sponsor, the Hexcel company provided us with the raw material to manufacture the radiator.

  • We found the rear wheels.

  • We found the booms.

  • We provided advice for the final installation of the aircraft and checked out the technical feasibility.

  • Our members acted as advisors for finding the expert partners for the wing’s covering. Some visits permitted to answer our partner’ questions.

  • We designed the presentation panels for the engines displayed and for the replica. The Museum printed these panels.

  • We restored a Bleriot scale model.

  • We prepared publications on the project and helped to spread the information produced by the Public Relations of the Museum.

  • We produced picture CD’s and drawings sets.

  • In the previous years, the bamf already provided a financial assistance to manufacture the lower wings with our partner, Etablissements Poncelet.

Although taking part in a multi discipline team from different organizations is as complicated in a public establishment as well as in the private industry, the project was successful and a amazing experience for the Bamf.

The Museum was also very active in a lot of other activities in 2009. An Avro Anson and a Bristol Sycamore were acquired. Although the Anson will need an in deep restoration but this is a unique witness of Sabena history which entered the collections. The Sycamore was a unique opportunity to fill a gap in the use of helicopters in the Belgian Armed forces. The Auster was finely refurbished by the Museum teams and both the Halberstadt and the Lysander restorations are well underway. Some aircraft, specially the WW2 Allied aircrafts were repositioned to offer a new view to the public. Lighting was also installed in the WW1 gallery. There are Museum’s projects lead by the Museum staff and a very significant sight of a renewed enthusiasm in the Air & Space Hall. Our contributions to these projects were limited to provide as much support as possible spreading the information thru our revamped website or by our members working as advisors. We thank the Museum, his management and its personal for the confidence in the support we can provide.

On other fronts, we continue our traditional activities and started new initiatives. We provided printers to the Historical team, one of these is now serving the visitors at the library. We still host with pleasure the André Dillien’s lists or the website of the “Belgians in Saaf & Raf 1940-1945”. It is very motivating to be associated with such a successfully team.

We started publishing the drawings of Dragan Saler & André Hiernaux. We financed three paintings by Claude Lesoil to illustrate the B-25 and the de Caters. The positive reactions of the public encourage us to go ahead with these activities.

On the public relations side, we continue to maintain and develop our worldwide network. We displayed the “B-25 circus” at the Melsbroek open days, being visited by General Van Caelenberg & Minister De Crem. This event permitted to strengthen our relations with our dutch colleagues. We were also present at Le Bourget and La Ferté-Allais with our friends of Memorial Flight and Jet Alpine. We received the strong support of Sabca and we will help to introduce the history of this company to the visitors of the Museum.

Last but not least, our restorers were also working as bees. The first Tipsy is seeing the end of her restoration and the second one is now a very active workplace. The team working on the Dragon is completing the fuselage, an obscure and long run job but this is the price to pay for excellence. The Storch is just waiting for a few panels to be completed.

Our masterpiece remains the Mitchell with a quite lot of work performed in 2008. The aircraft was prepared for the anti corrosion process in Lokeren. As much as possible of the equipment was removed from the aircraft. The process should normally be completed in January 2009. An insurance contract was signed for the volunteers who work on the aircraft. The worldwide hunt for parts is now open.

We thank all our sponsors, partners, friends and members who made this year 2008 so rewarding.

For sure, 2009 will be a challenging year as the rhythm of the projects will speed up and the need for resources will increase.

We hope the Museum will continue to evolve in the same dynamic way as in 2008. We already heard of renovation works in the premises but this time taking in account a professional communication and access for the public.

We know the economic situation will also be very difficult. Your support is so more important in 2009 than never before. For those providing us with a gift of 50 Euro or more, we have prepared two albums depicting the de Caters aircraft and the “making of” of the construction of this aircraft.

By making a donation please do not forget to mention the project which you support and which album you will be pleased to receive. We really need you. The collections need your support. You do contribute to expand our common heritage

Do not hesitate to visit us at or at the Museum every Saturday.

Merry Christmas & Happy New year

Cordially yours


In 2007, we supported the following actions

  • Transport of the B-25 to New ICC for anti corrosion process. (see B-25 Pictures gallery )
  • Delivery of PC's and display material for the Historical team and the AELR.
  • Installation of a kiosk PC (Films about Belgians flying the RAF during WWII and the B-25).

  • Display of the Victor Boin collection at the Museum. (Victor Boin collection)
  • Provide financial support for gifts to the Sabena Oldtimer's (Lodestar project).
  • Support for advertising campaign for the Sabena oldtimers (Lodestar project).
  • Support to Museum special evenings (Pictures gallery)
  • Support in communication for the arrival of the Avro Anson at the Museum (Pictures gallery)
  • Publication of our Newsletters to inform the public and our donators.

Currently we are also housing some services on our websites 


Activities 2006

The following reports were originally published in French, here is a summary in English


Financial interventions

1. Aeronautical section, Royal Army Museum

Fieseler Storch : End of the restoration of both wings started in 2003. The works has been performed under Bamf & Bamrs technical supervision : Poncetet et Henrard. The prject was inside the budget and planning limits : 11,975.87 €. The « Brussels Air Museum Restoration Society » (Bamrs) will take over the follow up to prepare the aircraft for publis static display.

Blériot XI "Olieslagers": The parts provided thanks to the Bamf help in 2004 were assembled. The undercarriage in now on display within the restoration aera at the Museum.

Restoration of the Blériot XI scale model by Mr Georges Pradez, member of the Bamf : 200 €.

Voisin de Caters 1909 : Financial help for the manufacturing of the wings by Poncelet. Budget +/- 10.000 €.

2. asbl "les Amis du Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace" (AELR):

Administrative management of the gifts to the association for 2004 & 2005 : 14.000 €.


Loan of 2.500 € for the purchase of dope (primer for linen).

4. Promotion activities

5. «A B25 back to Belgium » :

The purchase transaction (10.000 £ / 15.000 €) from November 2004 was concluded by the final payement in November 2005 thanks to the generosity and the support of many patrons and sponsors. This operation was possible without request to financial help to the Museum authorities or to the Ministry of Defence. The planning of transport and the studies for static restoration started.

On December, 22nd, an agrement was signed with Mr André Bar, historian, author of «139 Wing – Belgian Airmen». The author offered us the right to publish and distribute the book which is offered to donators and autorithies who help us in the « B25 back to Belgium».

We thank our donators and patrons, who by their constant support, permitted us to reach our targets and ensure the perenity of our actions.


Financial interventions

1. Aeronautical section, Royal Army Museum

Fieseler Storch : full restoration of the second wing by Ateliers Poncelet in Brussels. The total renovation cost 8887.45 €

Blériot XI "Olieslagers": construction of the undercarriage on base of original drawings by Ateliers Poncelet. The ash wood was offered by Mr Declerck of Wevelgem. (budget 1754,50 €). Fabrication of the missing metallic parts at Graf (budget 853,05 €).

Restoration of the Blériot XI scale model by Mr Georges Pradez, member of the Bamf : 200 €.

2. Belgian Aviation Technical Library:

Purchase and installation of a PC and a scanner to digitalise and preserve documents relating to aviation heritage (budget 1564,53 €).

3. asbl "les Amis du Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace" (AELR):

Administrative management of the gifts to the association

4. Collections BAMF:

Purchase of pre WW1 issues of the "Conquête de l'Air" (budget 75 €).

5. Promotional activities

6. Support to the project "A B25 back in Belgium" and administrative support

We thank our donators and patrons, who by their constant support, permitted us to reach our targets and ensure the perenity of our actions.


Financial interventions

1. Aeronautical section, Royal Army Museum

Fieseler Storch : full restoration of the first wing (budget +/- 3.000 €) by Ateliers Poncelet

Purchase of three cupboards (budget 900 €) for the « Belgian Aviation Technical Library » to store pictures and documents.

2. First Wing Historical Center (1WHC) Base de Beauvechain

Purchase of 10 mannequins (budget 3.022 €) for the installation of the Museum.

3. Asbl « Les Amis du Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace » (AELR) :

Administrative management of the gifts to the association ( 5.000 €).

4. Promotions activities

5. Participation to the exposition « 100 ans d’Aviation : les Pionniers Belges » in the Air Museum hall :

Delivery of 100 wood panels. Theses panels were re used in the Pioneers display.

From 1981 to 2002

The Fund helped to obtain the needed authorizations to establish the cafeteria. The Fund also helped with promotional activities which generated revenues to help the development of the “Air Museum”.

In 2001, the Secretary-general decided to restructure the Board of directors (several administrators, for personal reasons, wished to resign) and to intensify promotional activities.

In 2002, we had to deplore the death of two founders of the asbl "Brussels Air Fund Museum", the secretary-general lieutenant Colonel Aviateur "Charly" Marinus and the President, prince Alexandre de Mérode.

Their memory and precepts will be respected in the continuity of the Fund.

The BAMF does not use any remunerated personnel; its operation is entirely ensured by volunteers. Our friendly gratitude is presented at the people who bring the means to us of assuming our voluntary support with the heritage of Aviation.


Donations to the Royal Army Museum : paintings, medals, Bronze Sculptures

Financial help to aircraft restorations..

Financial help for the annual meeting of the Belgian air museums in Beauvechain.


Participation : 100th Birthday Royal Aeroclub of Belgium.

Participation in the restoration of the Battaille triplane.





Gift of a painting « The Slivers » to the « First Wing Historical Center » - Beauvechain,

Gift of a painting “Typhoon PR-D shooting down a FW 190” to the Musée Col Avi R. Lallemant DFC in Florennes.

Purchase : 4 paintings


Spare parts purchase « Dragon », « Fairey-Battle » and tools for the BAMRS.


Gift 1 painting « CF 100 » to the « First Wing Historical Center » - Beauvechain.

Financial help to the BAMRS, gift from Mrs Callebaut. 50.000 bef (1250 Euro)

Purchase spare parts for the « Chipmunk ». 71.237 bef (1700 Euro)

Tools for the BAMRS, wood for the Junker 52

Display material for the Royal Army Museum 45.900 bef (1100 Euro)

Lighting for the Air hall : Gift from Dassault. 500.000 bef (12500 Euro)


Purchase : PC & Printer for the secretary, Aeronautical Section, Royal Army Museum Linen « BAMRS »


Financial help for the restoration of the leather seats of the Dragon Rapide. 106.180 bef (2600 Euro)

Instrument panel « Spitfire » ; 37.652 bef (800 Euro)

Tools for the « BAMRS ». 79.345 bef (2000 Euro)

Spare parts for the « Tiger Moth », restoration by the « Sabena Old Timers ». 136.180 bef (3400 Euro)




Purchase Video and Audio hardware.


Purchase - 1 painting 1 Compass


Financial help « 15 Wing » display

Purchase Video and Audio hardware.

12 paintings Alan O’Mill. Valeur : 300.000 bef (7.500 Euro)


Purchase paintings, scale models « Islander » (envergure 3 mètres), posters CB (sécurité Hall de l’Air), Engine cover Percival Gull 60.000 bef (1500 Euro)

PC Software


Financial help for the installation of the « Aérostation » display

Purchase of paintings Van Lierde Vl, Princesse Elisabeth in Congo 116.000 bef (2900 Euro)

Data Link, PC, video and printer


Restoration Junker 52 by the « Sabena Old Timers ». Valeur 20.000 bef (500 Euro)

Purchase : - Cinema projector


Purchase : - Video, projector,


Restoration Westland Lysander by the « Sabena Old Timers ». Value 143.000 bef (3575 Euro)

Purchase : - Mannequin for the « Para » display, PC, tools for the Bamrs


Purchase Fokker Dr 1 Triplane (Red Baron). Value : 220.000 bef (4.500 Euro)

Purchase Renard 5 HP. 29.000 bef (725 Euro)









Participation to the building of the « Renard » Display




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